Privacy Policy

As a partner with the Social Security Administration and the Ticket to Work program, AAATakeCharge respects your privacy. We gather information from visitors to our site primarily to assist them in registering for services. We will ask for and use your information, including all the information you provide AAATakeCharge in your registrations, or at any other time, solely for business purposes. 

We do share some of the information you provide in your application with the Ticket to Work Program and Social Security Administration solely for the purpose of enrolling you in ongoing employment support services provided by AAATakeCharge.   

AAATakeCharge will never share your information with any third party without your prior written approval unless we are required to by law. However, AAATakeCharge and its technology partners reserve the right to provide existing and potential business partners with information about client profiles, if any personally identifiable data, such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers, has been removed. 

AAATakeCharge’s site contains links to websites operated by third parties, some of which have no formal relationship to AATakeCharge. The presence of these links does not mean that AAATakeCharge endorses, certifies, or accepts responsibility for the activities or privacy policies of those sites.