About AAATakeCharge

 Founded in 2000 by  M.J. Willard, a behavioral psychologist with 25 years experience in working with people with disabilities, AAATakeCharge recognizes that you should be in charge of your own work attempt. 
If you earn enough from your employment that you can leave the benefit rolls, you can receive up to $12,900 in Work Support Payments over three years.  You choose to spend these funds on goods or services that help you remain employed or advance in your career.    Transportation, health care, cell phone service,  Internet access, child care, a computer,  software,  job coaching, training or education are some of the more common expenditures.
Where does AAATakeCharge obtain the money we give you for Work Support Payments? It comes from the Social Security Administration. If you assign your Ticket to an Employment Network, or EN, and you leave the benefit rolls, then your earnings will trigger payments from the Social Security Administration to the EN that holds your Ticket. If you assign your Ticket  to AAATakeCharge, then we pass a portion of  what we receive back to you.
Just keep in mind that you MUST leave the benefit rolls to trigger payments.    And the Work Support Payments provided by AAATakeCharge MUST be spent on items or services that will help you remain employed or working toward your long term career goals.    
AAATakeCharge was the first EN in the country to take this client directed services approach.  We pay more work support payments than any other Ticket to Work provider.